McGuire Secondary College

McGuire Secondary College's reach covers both sides of the Broken River from Archer Road to the footbridge linking Broken River Drive with Kialla Lakes Urban area.

McGuire students Tree Planting - June 2014
McGuire students Tree Planting - June 2014

McGuire Secondary College has a RiverConnect VCAL Program

7 Jun
Posted 7 Jun 2016
McGuire year 11 VCAL students took part in tree planting along the Broken River on the 7th June 2016
9 Jun
Posted 9 Jun 2014
Students have written this Blog about their experience along the Broken River.
30 Apr
Posted 30 Apr 2014
Secondary School students from Shepparton High, Notre Dame College, Berry Street and McGuire College attended an Environmental Education event organised by RiverConnect on 1 May.
7 Apr
Posted 7 Apr 2010
The Year 11 and 12 McGuire VCAL groups have been participating in the RiverConnect project over the past few weeks, carrying out various environmental activities along the Broken River.