McGuire VCAL students

News article posted on 7 April, 2010

The Year 11 and 12 McGuire VCAL groups have been participating in the RiverConnect project over the past few weeks, carrying out various environmental activities along the Broken River.

These have included removing debris off paths after the recent storm damage, rubbish clean up,  chipping weeds and have started to do a general clean up of the re-vegetated area along Broken River Drive. 

They have also been working on removing weed species such as Ash trees that have seeded from either garden waste being dumped or blowing in from neighboring properties.  People can easily see where the students have made significant contributions. 

 Recently students were visited by Cultural Officers from Parks Victoria. Hilda Stewart and Greta Morgan spoke to the students about the different types of land marks and scarred trees around the area. “It was very interesting to find out about our Culture and Heritage, and why we need to preserve our rivers especially in this time of climate change” commented Melissa Kennett, a VCAL student. 

The VCAL group will also be finding out about other aspects of the river and its surrounds throughout the year.