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RiverConnect aims to foster the community's love, respect and connection to the river environment through engaging events, collaborative projects and an inspiring education program.

In the past, the Shepparton - Mooroopna communities’ appreciation of, and engagement with, the Goulburn and Broken Rivers have varied, famously turning our backs to the river. The river systems were largely managed by agencies in isolation, with little connection between these managers or with the community – until the formation of RiverConnect.

RiverConnect is a wide reaching community government partnership program under the auspice of Greater Shepparton City Council and jointly funded by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority. Since its inception in 2005, RiverConnect has been pivotal in building appreciation for the significance of our river environment.

By facilitating effective high-levels of collaboration and co-operation, the partnership model has enabled local government, land management agencies, Traditional Owners, educational organisations, stakeholders and community members to come together to identify and action shared priorities.

RiverConnect invites all groups and individuals with a stake in the river environment to be a part of RiverConnect. 

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In this Section

  • What is RiverConnect?
    RiverConnect is a partnership program between the land management agencies, stakeholders and community who use, value, manage, or are responsible for, the river environment in some way.
  • Governance Structure
    The RiverConnect project has developed clear governance arrangements to ensure all key stakeholders are represented and work towards a co-ordinated plan for the revitalisation of our rivers and floodplains. It not about each organisation working in silos – it’s about working in partnership and with whole of community to achieve shared goals.
  • Formal Documents
    The RiverConnect Implementation Advisory Committee oversees the implementation of actions in the Strategic Plan.
  • History
    Despite dependence on the rivers, the Shepparton-Mooroopna communities’ appreciation of, and engagement with our river environment have varied due to past practices of “turning our back to the river”.
  • News
    Keep up-to-date on the latest happenings at RiverConnect and around the RiverConnect area.