Victoria Park Lake Environmental Education Day

News article posted on 30 April, 2014

Secondary School students from Shepparton High, Notre Dame College, Berry Street and McGuire College attended an Environmental Education event organised by RiverConnect on 1 May.

Much like the Pest vs Rest event for Grade 5-6 students, the 62 secondary students  rotated through a series of activities at Victoria Park Lake learning about different aspects of our local natural environment.

It was very pleasant weather, a lovely day to be out paddling on the lake and learning out doors. 

The activites were:


RiverCountry Adventours

The students will have free time paddling on the lake as well as participate in team building activities.

Wetlands Tour Council

Aquatic Bushland Crew, Greater Shepparton City Council

Learn about the recent Victoria Park Lake development, how it is set up as a wetland environment and why the plants are so important.

Native Fish Awareness

Department Environment and Primary Industries

Interactive activities to teach the students about native fish and the fishing guidelines

Macro Invertebrates

WaterWatch team, Goulburn Valley Water

Students will collect and identify water macroinvertebrates collected from the vegetation in Victoria Park lake.


Goulburn Murray Landcare Network

Learn about the wildlife that lives along the Goulburn river and how we impact on their habitat



Notre Dame Yr 12 VCAL with Mr O'Neil win the dedication prize for walking from their school to the event (~3km).

Thanks to all the teachers and students who attended on the day.

Thanks to our presenters Kristy from WaterWatch, Andrew and Anthony from DEPI Fisheries, Wendy from Goulburn Murray Landcare network, Paul from the council wetlands crew and Rob Asplin from RiverCountry Adventours.