Participating students and teachers reading the Adopt-a-reach affirmation at the Adopt-a-reach launch on 5th June 2008.
Participating students and teachers reading the Adopt-a-reach affirmation at the Adopt-a-reach launch on 5th June 2008.

This is a unique and innovative project where the RiverConnect area in the centre of urban Shepparton Mooroopna is used as an outdoor classroom for the students and teachers of the Shepparton Mooroopna schools.

Adopt - a- Reach was launched on June 5th 2008 with 18 schools plus Berry Street committing to the project and being allocated their own reach. Word and Mouth  also have a reach.

This commitment was acknowledged through the Adopt-a-reach affirmation. The focus is on the Adopt-a-reach vision.

Adopt-A-Reach Schools Blog

Teachers and students can submit articles and information in these blogs to show what their school has been doing at their reach.


To have all sections of the Broken and Goulburn Rivers in the Shepparton/Mooroopna RiverConnect area linked to a school. The schools will participate in environmental enhancement, educational and recreational programs within their river area.

To have all schools in the RiverConnect area involved, with the possibility of the program being expanded by the formation of community groups made up of a school,  local Aboriginal people, other interested individuals or groups and supported by corporate sector sponsorship.

Outdoor Class Room
Outdoor Class Room


To provide opportunities for the education sector and the broader community to understand the environment, culture and importance of the area as a valuable asset to appreciate, enjoy and protect.

Target Outcomes

For each school to use their “reach” as an outdoor classroom and participate in at least one activity along their section of the river, with one group of students each year.


  • Each school has been allocated a section of the Goulburn or Broken River.
  • Each school determines the nature and extent of their involvement in the program.
  • The RiverConnect Education Project Officer maintains contact with the schools; providing advice and assistance to enable them to access support from the range of available resources.

As members of the Shepparton Mooroopna community we look forward to working together so this community can understand and appreciate the importance of our river environment.

It is our hope that this community will feel really connected to the river and to each other”.

Adopt-a-reach Launch affirmation, 5 June 2008