NotreDame Yr 12 VCAL Class

News article posted on 12 September, 2013

Notre Dame Year 12 VCAL class has spent a session a week at Reedy Swamp as part of their RiverConnect VCAL subject this year.

Reedy Swamp, located at the end of Wanganui Road is the southern entrance to the Lower Goulburn National Park - which extends north all the way along the Goulburn River to the Murray River.

The students have taken part in a broad range of environmental activities including revegetation along the Reedy Swamp Road, roadside reserve; Indigenous session with Parks Vic Rangers; GPS tracking; Bird watching; Water Quality; weed management; The Flats interpretive walk; Rumbalara Tour; Biodiversity Audit and Victoria Park lake Tour.

During one session, the students created Reedy Swamp Nature Appreciation Walking Guides using the GPS units to plot sites of interest. They developed their brochures back in the classroom.

The students will conclude the RiverConnect Program for the year with their last session being installation of Nesting Boxes at the north end of the swamp.