Wetlands tour and Canoe Event 2013

News article posted on 22 October, 2013

Students from Notre Dame College, Wanganui Park Secondary College and Shepparton Christian College attended a Water Week day at Victoria Park Lake on Wednesday 23 October.

The students enjoyed half an hour of paddling on the lake with RiverCountry Adventours followed by a Wetlands walk and talk with the Sustainability and Environment Officer from council- Sharon Terry. Kristy from water Watch showed students the diversity of macro-invertebrates found in the lake water.

A total of 140 students participated in the event – (and only 4 managed to get saturated;-)

Some feedback from the schools:

 “The students loved being out on the water and most of them had a great time. The wetlands talk was fascinating and I am sure it opened the students’ eyes to the significance of this area for Shepparton”

“Thank you for providing 7A and 7D for the educational experience with the canoes and thank you for educating us about the Shepparton Lake”

Thank-you teachers and students who participated in this event!