Undera Kinder explore life around the Recreation Reserve

News article posted on 1 December, 2015

Undera Kindergarten students have taken part in RiverConnect activities three times this last semester with a Native Animal Talk at the kinder in July, tree planting in September and a nature Walk at the recreation Reserve on 1 December 2015.

The children walked along Echuca Road in pairs, to the entrance of the Recreation reserve where they checked out the trees that they had planted all along the front.

With the extreme heat, some plants hadn't made it while others were surviving well.

The children walked a loop of the reserve learning about leaf litter under the trees, exploring the insects living on the ground and on the tree trunks, picking up rubbish with pinchers and sharing stories about snakes and other critters.

It was a great little trip that summed what they had learnt about native animals, tree hollows, tree planting for the future and how everything links together.