Bourchier St Primary School

Bourchier St Primary School's reach is located along the east side of the Goulburn River from Dainton’s Bridge (Midland Highway) and downstream to Mason Street.

  • Please note: Although this information kit is currently out of date, most information is still relevant. Updated kits are currently in development.

14 Apr
Posted 14 Apr 2014
The sightings of squirrel gliders, sugar gliders and other significant fauna are being recorded spatially.
2 Feb
Posted 2 Feb 2014
RiverConnect, Activities in the Park and BirdLife Murray-Goulburn Branch joined forces once again for a Bird Walk and Talk followed by a BBQ brunch.
20 Jan
Posted 20 Jan 2014
Families enjoyed a brilliant day paddling on the Goulburn at Shepparton.
28 Oct
Posted 28 Oct 2013
Guthrie Street and St Luke’s Primary School students gathered out the front of the Shepparton Art Museum on Tuesday 29th October to celebrate the Poetry they created during the Annual Pest vs Rest field Day at Reedy Swamp in May.