Bourchier St Primary School

Bourchier St Primary School's reach is located along the east side of the Goulburn River from Dainton’s Bridge (Midland Highway) and downstream to Mason Street.

  • Please note: Although this information kit is currently out of date, most information is still relevant. Updated kits are currently in development.

31 Oct
Posted 31 Oct 2011
RiverConnect introduced the Shepparton High School Science staff School to John Caldow, the field officer for the Bug Blitz program. This program aims to reignite in students, the spark of discovery in Science by inviting them to participate in various biological projects and is sponsored by founder and philanthropist, O.E Wilson.
10 Apr
Posted 10 Apr 2011
Shepparton High school year 8 science students studied the unit ‘Reach out to your River ‘ during Term3. We travelled to the SHS “reach” on the Goulburn River at Cemetery Bend (Rudd Rd) on six consecutive Fridays, to investigate the river and the Riparian Zone.
19 Aug
Posted 19 Aug 2010
On Friday 20 August 2010 St Mels celebrated National Science Week and the International Year of Biodiversity with a whole school ‘Biodiversity Buddy Day’. The students participated in a range of activities throughout the day, investigating the biodiversity in our local environments.
13 Jul
Posted 13 Jul 2010
During semester 1 2010 efforts were made to introduce students from Notre Dame College to the concept of Landcare. At their schools designated reach, Reedy Swamp, the students learnt how volunteers can make a difference through small, hands on projects, that protect the environmental aspects of our region, and how degradation over time impacts on our environment.
7 Apr
Posted 7 Apr 2010
The Year 11 and 12 McGuire VCAL groups have been participating in the RiverConnect project over the past few weeks, carrying out various environmental activities along the Broken River.
29 Nov
Posted 29 Nov 2009
VCAL students and teachers from Wanganui Park Secondary College, Notre Dame Secondary College, Verney Road School and Shepparton High School along with RiverConnect land management representatives, visited Reedy Swamp and Jordan’s Bend recently to learn and see the activities the students from Notre Dame and Wanganui had been undertaking at their respective sites.