Bourchier St Primary School

Bourchier St Primary School's reach is located along the east side of the Goulburn River from Dainton’s Bridge (Midland Highway) and downstream to Mason Street.

  • Please note: Although this information kit is currently out of date, most information is still relevant. Updated kits are currently in development.

3 Feb
Posted 3 Feb 2013
Following on from the Brekky with the Birds outings we held over the past 3 months, Bird Life Murray Goulburn welcome all to come along to their club events.
30 Jan
Posted 30 Jan 2013
An exciting start to the year with a number of RiverConnect events being held.
21 Dec
Posted 21 Dec 2012
Wishing you all a safe and Happy Christmas and New Years. Thank-you to all our supporters over 2012. RiverConnect Team
26 Jul
Posted 26 Jul 2012
In response to the 'Pest vs the Rest' field day out at Reedy Swamp in May this year, students created poems inspired by the environment. Their creative responses are displayed on the wall in the Eastbank foyer and on the pavement out the front of the Eastbank Centre.
9 May
Posted 9 May 2012
RiverConnect held its inaugural RiverConnect Festival 2012 on Sunday 29 April along the river side of Victoria Park Lake.