Learn about the river

Schools are encouraged to undertake a range of activities within their “reach”.

For most  activities, schools are able to organise and undertake them independently themselves, with RiverConnect staff available to provide advice and sugestions. On some occasions RiverConnect staff can assist with the activities.

For more information about how RiverConnect can assist with school curriculum activities, please check the links below or contact the RiverConnect Education Project Officer.

RiverConnect Education Officer, Bonny Schnorrenberg, takes kids on an educational walk
RiverConnect Education Officer, Bonny Schnorrenberg, takes kids on an educational walk

In this Section

  • Aboriginal Action Working Group
    The function of the Aboriginal Action Working Group is to advise on programs, activities and facilities that will enable the whole community to understand and better appreciate Aboriginal history and culture in the RiverConnect area.
  • Aboriginal Culture
    The Objective of the ‘Connecting Aboriginal People’ in the RiverConnect Project is: To provide programs, activities and facilities so that the whole community can understand and better appreciate the important historical and cultural significance this area holds for its traditional owners.
  • Environment
    The Objective of the ‘Connecting Environment’ aspect in the RiverConnect Project is: To protect, repair, enhance and sustain important river, wetland and forest environments, so that current and future generations can understand and enjoy natural river and red gum forest environments.
  • The Flats
    The Flats is a significant cultural area located on the floodplain between Shepparton and Mooroopna. Interpretative signage was installed in 2013 to record the history for educational and tourism purposes.
  • Adopt-a-Reach
    This is a unique and innovative project where the RiverConnect area in the centre of urban Shepparton Mooroopna is used as an outdoor classroom for the students and teachers of the Shepparton Mooroopna schools.
  • Teachers and Educators
    Are you and your class wanting to do something to help improve the environment?
  • Educational Resources
    Support materials for teachers, educators and schools.