COVID19 Lockdown resources

This page contains activities and links to websites which teachers and students can use to assist their learning during the COVID19 Lockdown. Activities are able to be completed by students at home using their own backyards, balconies, nature strips or other places they are able to access whilst following current restrictions.

Activities have been divided in to Kinders, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools, however activities which can be used it two different educational settings have been placed in both folders. 

Hands on Learning and Project Based Learning activities are found within the folder named so, and include activities relating to building habitat which can be scaled up for backyards, or down to suit small yards, courtyards or balconies.

More activities will be uploaded over time so do continue to visit this page to find new activities.

We are currently working on filming some content which can be provided to students to assist with Project Based Learning. These will be uploaded to this site via RiverConnect's YouTube Channel.