Education services provided by DEPI Tatura

Staff may be able to provide information and advice to support schools.

When seeking assistance, ask to speak to a staff member in a role relevant to your particular needs. Reception staff will endeavour to put you in contact with the most appropriate person or may refer you to another organisation.

DEPI roles / areas of expertise relevant to RiverConnect Education include:

  • Wetlands – management, monitoring, vegetation and planting.
  • Plant identification – indigenous, weeds, other natives.
  • Re-vegetation projects – advice on appropriate species, sources of plants, how and when to plant.
  • Red Gum forest management.
  • Environmental assessments
  • Fisheries

For education-based DEPI activities, teachers are advised to check out the Curriculum Resources on the LandLearn website.


LandLearn Logo

LandLearn provides a range of teaching and learning materials to support program delivery in schools. These resources are available as PDF files with student worksheets also provided as MS Word documents. They include:

  • LandLearn Resource Booklets CD containing the following booklets:
    • AgriMaths,
    • Biodiversity and Agriculture
    • Biodiversity in Bushland, Community and Agricultural Landscapes
    • Bush Foods and Biodiversity
    • Fact and Fiction
    • Grow and Gobble
    • Planning for Sustainable Land Use
    • Plant Power
    • Soils Ain’t Dirt
    • Wet & Wild
    • Wonderful Wiggly Worms
  • Super Seeds! CD – Learning activities featuring Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds.
  • LandLearning CD – containing the following booklets:
    • Biodiversity in Balance
    • Fact and Fiction 2
    • Fruit Fly Frenzy
    • Learning in the Garden
  • Fieldwork CD’s
    • Salinity in an Urban Landscape
    • Keep It Clean
    • Water and Food: futures thinking
  • Climate Change and Future Food CD – containing the following booklets:
    • Climate Change in Agriculture
    • Food for the Future